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Cockroach Extermination

Over 15 kinds of cockroaches are found in South Carolina, but only a few of these may be found in your home. Cockroaches are considered pests in several ways. Most people view them as carriers of germs. While they can transfer germs, the most serious medical problem associated with cockroaches is the allergic reaction many people have to their shed skin and droppings. Many people are embarrassed when they have a cockroach infestation in their home, but cockroaches can be found anywhere, not only in unclean places.

cockroachRoaches can enter your house through cracks, vents, sewers, and even hitch a ride in a grocery bag. They can breed quickly because of your home’s warm temperatures and abundance of food, water, and nesting areas. Roaches’ eggs are also naturally protected from some insecticides, so for correct pest control, it’s important that you contact Superior Pest Control.

The German cockroach is the small roach that likes kitchens and bathrooms. These roaches like to live inside and can be introduced to your house from boxes or containers that are carried into your house. They multiply very quickly once inside.

The American cockroach, aka “water bug,” “Palmetto bug” and “South Carolina state bird,” is the other main cockroach in the area. They like to live on boats, in sewers and in your house.

The brownbanded cockroach also is common here. These roaches like to live up high on shelves or in cabinets, closets, pantries, desks, bookshelves or other areas away from the kitchen. The brownbanded cockroach can live in drier areas than the German roach and usually will inhabit these areas so it does not have to compete with the German roach.

Seeing a roach isn’t just upsetting.  It can mean there could be a serious health risk in your home. Cockroaches carry with them bacteria that cause diseases ranging from food poisoning to dysentery. If roaches are present in your home, roach extermination should be a top priority.

Whether your problem is seeing a few or an entire family of roaches, our roach exterminators will develop a plan of action that will eliminate the roaches and prevent them from becoming re-established. Using targeted baits, insect growth regulators and cockroach removal processes, we can guarantee you the peace of mind that cockroaches will not continue to be a problem for you.

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